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Qingdao Saifan is a professional wood packaging machinery company which sets product research and development, manufacture and marketing. The company is located in Chengyang district of Qingdao city and the company workshop covers an area of 7000。 The company composed by Qingdao Saifan Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co。,Ltd and Qingdao Saifan Logistics Packaging Machinery Co。, Ltd。

Saifan Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd mainly works on nailless steel strip plywood crate machinery. It is the main vendor which provide nailless steel strip plywood crate machine in China. Saifan Logistics Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd mainly works on researching and producing of automatic pallets making machines.


At present, the company main products are nailless plywood crate machinery (Automatic steel strip machineautomatic buckle sewing machine and automatic foldable box production line), timber work machinery (Automatic chop cut sawpallet notcherdouble end trim saw and timber sanding machine ), boarding box nailling machine and automatic pallet nailling machine. Saifan products are high-efficiency, safe and easy-maintained, they are also the best machines for wood packaging industry.


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